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This art site provides links to sculptor duo, Veronica and Edwin Dam de Nogales and their contemporary art and sculptures executed for both public and private spaces.  It includes art, paintings, urban designs,
collaborations, design work,  images of the sculptors at work, in their sculpture studio, and intstalling large scale public sculptures.   It includes information, images and links to their metal sculptures, bronze
sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, steel sculptures, outdoor sculptures, public commissions, statues, sculptures in Europe, sculptures in the United States, sculptures in Canada, portrait bronze work, western
sculpture, equestrian sculpture, and unique installations.  Gallery art, models, maquettes are available, by contacting the sculptors directly.   It includes among others, examples of their public sculpture in Boston,
Public sculptures in St. Louis, Public sculpture in Tampa,  Florida, Public sculpture in Toronto, public sculpture in Hamilton, Public sculpture in N. Vancouver, Public sculpture in Barcelona, Public sculpture in
Andorra, Public sculpture for the University of Toronto, sculpture for Medical facilities, Public sculpture for institutions, and some corporate sculpture.  All images are copyright protected.